Which time?

-Electric boats with cabin for rent and for sale.


-With the offer of  Zoltán Magyar Phd. Olympic champion:

„ I could tell you about the parties, but I found the comfortable bathing, resting, fishing opportunity more important. Who needs the 5*, won’t enjoy this, but who likes the silent, peaceful environment, enjoy watching the water with a bottle of good wine and someone you love, will find this kind of holiday really pleasurable.”


-         Welcome on our website! Here you can find information about electric boats, accomodation on these, and our fishing-boating shop in Balatonszemes.


We can offer our new service for the lovers of the lake Balaton, passionate fishers, romantic couples, the naturist travellers, the young who need cheap but intimate accomodation: electric boats on the lake Balaton which can be used also as accomodation.

Service 4 in 1:

1, the pleasure of boating on your own, as the tourist boats can cost more than 1500-2000 Huf per hour for one person,

2, accomodation, compare to the hotels or pensions which are far from the water and can cost  5-8000 Huf for a night. This will be something new, you can wake up on the water, watching the sunset, enjoy the feeling and the nature,

3, you don’t have to pay for the crowded beaches,

4, you have your own moving fishing-platform, you can fishing 0-24h, if you want.


You can use the port on 10 other towns around Lake Balaton, It would be 4-8000 Huf with other boats. You can leave your car in our parking place for free. If you want to use the boat in another port for only accomodation for at least 3-4 days, we can bring it there as well.